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The summer of 2011/12 brings with it some exciting spa and swim spa advances in technology. Plus the contracting retail market is making for some great Perth Spa bargains!

Perth Spa retailers fall into one of two categories and by understanding the origin of your prospective spa product you will be well served when trying to negotiate the best price.

Australian made spas - these are specificially spas manufactured in their entirity in Australia. It might seem lame to have to put that in writing but there are deceptive companies out there telling people the spas they are selling are 'designed in Australia' or 'owned in Australia' but not mentioning that the spa is fully imported from China or Thailand. Australian manufacturers guarantee compliance with Australian Standards which are critical when you have water and electricity in the same area. Australian manufacturers are also bound by law to offer replaceent parts up to 7 years from manufacturer.

Imported spas - these spas have been flooding the market recently with the high AUD. It's not widely known that any Tom, Dick or Harry can import a container of spas from China and sell them in Perth with no regard for the safetly compliance or parts/warranty backup. In fact some spa sellers in Perth do not even have a physical location - they arre sellings spas at shopping centre displays. Ask anyone in the industry and they will tell you to run a mile.

The latest innovation for Australian Spa Manufacturers is the ability to add a heat pump as a heat/cool option on a portable spa. These heat pumps are like your reverse cycle airconditioning unit in terms of size and function. The main benefit from adding aheat pump to your portable spa are the significannt savings in runnings costs. Heat Pumps use the ambient heat from the atmosphere via a compressor to add heat to your water. The idea being that instead of the industry standard 3KW electric heaters that can only put out 3KW of heat a heat pump will have an input of 2KW but use the heat in the atmosphere to put out up to 6KW!! This is a significant cost saving to customers who like to run their spas hot all the time. Ask your Australian made spa manufacturer about costs and the heat pump option.

Perth Spas with heat pumps benefit from Perth spa weather so using an energy efficient heat pump along with a dedicated low amp circulation pump is the most ecnomical way to heat your perth spa to a high temerature.

Spas hot tubs Perth - Need to know how to buy spas or hot tubs Perth? Well here is an amazing guide to spas Perth.

Use our checklist of questions to make sure that you get the right price and service when buying spas or hot tubs Perth WA. People often start with the idea that they want a cheap spa. Often cheap spas Perth are their main search criteria but as always you get what you pay for and cheap spas might not be safe or last as long as you'd hope.

Use this 10 step checklist as it will help you work out how to buy spas Perth or hot tubs Perth that suits your needs:

1. How many people are you trying to cater for in your spa or hot tub?

This is a critical question as it will usually dictate the outside dimensions of the spa that you'd like. For example, most spas and hot tubs are 2x2m and seat between 4-6 people, up from there the 2.3x2.3m range of spas seat from 5-8 people. Of course there are always exceptions (both bigger and smaller spas!) and a good Perth spa sales person will try and steer you towards the spas and hot tubs that suit your needs. Just Spas WA are Perths longest running and largest Spa distributor guaranteed to have a spa to suit your requirements.

2. Do you have any space restrictions for the spas location and access?

Many people forget to measure the area they intend to put the spa or hot tub before visiting a Perth spa showroom. Run a tape measure over the area you have as this will help you detemine your spas maximum size given your area available. Also be sure to consider how the spa will get from your front verge to it's final resting place. Most spas are rolled into position on a trolley on their edge. By this I mean they are lifted 90degs and become about 1mtr wide and about 2mtrs in height (of course this depends on your ideal spa). Ask yourself - Have you measured the width of your gate? Are there any sharp corners to get around? Are there any steps? Is it going under a pergola and if so what is the height restricion? If you are in any doubt speak with your spas Perth sales person and ask for a site inspection.  Stores are often close so if you are looking for spas Joondalup a local representative can visit.

3. What are the therapy needs in your ideal spa?

Many good spa companies offer various levels of hydrotherapy and massage. It's good to talk to other members of your family about their thoughts too as some people will want a strong massage on their neck and back where others will be happier in a peaceful no jet situation. Make sure you tell your spa sales person if you have any specific requirements in this area as it will help them to tailor the spa to your needs.

4. Think about the layout of your perfect spa.

Are you looking to lay down (recliners) or do you prefer to sit upright when in the water. These factors will help your discussions with the sales person to get you the perfect fit.

5. Power requirements

These days spas generally have very high hydrothereapy qualities. With this higher level of thereapy comes more jets, with more jets comes more pumps, with more pumps comes more power draw. The power required to run your spa will be directly related to the size and efficiency of the pumps, heaters, air blowers etc... It's good to check out your meter box to see what sort of power you have available to your house. Many higher quality spa suppliers can set up their spas to run on lower power needs, This doesn't neccessarily mean they are cheaper to run or less powerful. Ask your spa sales person to explain the power requirements and if neccesssary explain 'loadshedding' the spa. 

6. Heating your spa or hot tub

Perth spa sales are generally their highest in the summer months and people forget to consider the heating of their spa water. This factor is a very important issue and it directly relates to the level of therapy and runnning costs of the spa. You should ask your spa sales person the estimated heating time (degrees per hour) and the estimated running costs of each spa. A good spa company will show you an actual runnning cost analysis along with information about the kilowatt rating of the heater. Currently 3KW is the most efficient size.

7. Build Quality of spas Perth

These days spas have a lot of equipment and jets. A reputable spa suppleir will show you AS/NZ compliace, ISO 9001 Quality assurance, Energy Safe certification, Diagnostic testing analysis and many other points that a company making spas in a lower quality operation will not. Be sure to view and study these documents. All spas sold in WA must comply with AS/NZ 4417.2:2009 this is the latest gazetted change to the Australian standards. Similarly spas must have a compliance plate that refers to the Energy Safe certification is posses. Ask your spa sales person to view this compliance plate and be very wary of companies that tell you it is not important.  Spas Perth are the best quality in the world.

8. A solid base

All portable spas need to sit on a firm level base. Ideally a dedicated concrete slab that is 100mm thick. Failing that, professional level paving is usually fine. Keep in mind you will generally void your warranty should the base for your spa not be level and solid. Putting a portable spa on grass is definately not a good idea - moisture and ground movement can result in rotting of your spa and structural problems like cracks. 

9. Always buy from a reputable spa company

There are several companies that have been in the spa industry for a long time in WA. Just Spas and Freedom Spas are two of the longest running spa companies and as such have the product knowledge and stability to offer great products at great prices. Many people are concerned about warranty and people need to be aware that the warranty on a spa is only as good as the company it comes from. Other Spas Perth companies selling cheap imported product that is not up to standard and means re-fitting or additional costs over time to be made safe.  You don't just have to go to the inner city though because there are plenty of spas Joondalup.

10. Buy Australian Made

Like any industry there are people making spas well (ISO 9001 Quailty assurance, Energy Safe Approvals etc..) and others who are either importing low quality spas from China or making them in a backyard operations on the cheap. It's usually pretty easy to spot these lower quality ones but a good question to ask is "Are these spas made in Australia". Buying Australian made is best as we have some of the highest quality standards in the world.

Both Just Spas WA and Freedom Pools and Spas are manufacturing high quality Australian spas and are able to back this up with all relevant Australian standards to ensure full saftey compliance.

This page can easily be confused for a search for Keturah Day Spas website but it's not about a Keturah Day Spa or Escape Day Spas or Revive Day Spa or serene day spa or revive day spa. In fact Day Spas Perth are not a feature of this cheap spas Perth section. Another mistake people make is the spelling of ketura day spa, it could be keturar or even keturha day spa but again this cheap spas perth page is designed for Perth spas and swim spas perth and even just perth swim spas. Finally spa bubbles can be confused for day spas and even small spas.

Looking for spas Perth then look to spas Joondalup as one of the key locations.

Cheap perth spas and best price spas are a key search criteria for people but be warned cheap is not always best. Buying Australian made pretty much guarantees that your spa will meet Australian standards.

Please keep in mind back up service for your Perth bought portable outdoor spa. You should be able to view the companies warehouse facilty and talk to people in the industry about which company to buy your Perth Spa from.


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