How To Buy A Swimming Pool

Need to know how to get your perfect swimming pool? Well here is an amazing guide. Use our checklist of questions to make sure you get the right price and service when buying a swimmming pool.

Use this 11 step checklist as it will help you work out how to buy a swimming pool that suits your needs:

1. Do you know what size pool you'd like?

If possible draw up a simple map of the area you have at your disposal as this will help you determine the ideal size, shape and position of your pool. Consider factors like an area for the equipment to sit, perimetre fencing and another other items you'd like to have (water feature, slide etc...). This map can be shown to a pool sales person to discuss such issues as shire requirements and any set backs required due to the depth of the pool.

2. Who or what will the pool be used for?

If you are after a lap pool obviously that will dictate your design but if you're after a pool that keeps the kids happy whilst providing you with a tranquil oasis to lounge next to when they're at school then this is something to tell your pool salesperson.

3. Would a prefabricated fibreglass pool, concrete or above ground pool suit your site

Once you've decided on the spot for the pool you'll soon know what options suit you best. The majority of pools are either in ground Fibreglass or in ground Conrete Pools refer to  and  for the pros and cons of each.

4. Consider the access to your site

Would a crane be able to park and set up out the front of your house to lift a pool into position? Do you have rear lane access or another way of moving a large structure into place? If not you might need to go with a concrete pool that can be tailored to meet the site needs. Arrving at a Pool display centre with a scale map of your property (plans), information on power lines, trees etc.. will streamline the process. If you are unsure in any way ask your prospective supplier to inspect the site.

5. What colour pool would suit your backyard

Most pool companies will have up to 7 different finishes on their fibreglass pools to suit all your needs. Be sure to view all the options available to you. Keep in mind the colour that you first like is generally the one that you'll be happiest with.

6. Electrical requirements

Most reputable pool companies will include this in your installation price but the available power at your house can influence the type of equipment that will suit your site. A quick check of your meter box will tell you how much power you have to your house. Most pool companies will tailor the equipment to suit.

7. Heating options

It's best to add any heating requirements in right at the start of your negotiations as this can often be an unexpected cost at the end of the process. Most reputable pool companies will give you the option of their preferred supplier but you can always check this price by contacting any of the companies on display at

8. Other landscaping considerations

These will be determined by your final vision and can include paving, poured concrete, grass (real or fake) and any number of other alternatives. For a full list of options visit

9. Waterswise pool covers

It's an abosulte must in the Perth climate to have a waterwise pool cover fitted. For a full list of possible supplers visit Alternatively ask your pool supplier to include this in your full quote for the pool.

10. Personalise your pool

Mpost people have specific ideas that they'd like to achieve in their backyard. For example new concrete pools can now have the option of hydrotherapy seats called jetpaks (tm). Refer to or ask your prospective pool supplier to find a way to achieve your dream - it's their job afterall.

11. Buy local

Buying from a reputable long standing WA pool company ensures they have the local knowledge for your area. Why not ask to see some recent installatons and talk to recent customers to get an idea if their expectations were met?


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