Concrete Swimming Pools Perth

Print this page and take it with you while you are searching for concrete swimming pools Perth Western Australia (WA)!

Concrete swimming pools Perth - A fabulous way to take advantage of Perth's beautiful climate is by swimming.  Concrete swimming pools Perth give you an amazing choice of custom made options to suit any area. This page will help you, the customer, decide if a concrete swimming pool Perth best suits your needs.

Many concrete swimming pool Perth companies include the help of a landscape designer to get your concrete swimming pool into locations where a fibreglass swimming pool or an above ground swimming pool is simply not possible. The designer will help place your pool in the optimal position to take advantage of your homes natural style.

On this page you will find three things:

  1. Why go for concrete swimming pools Perth?
  2. How does the concrete swimming pools process work from start to finish?
  3. How much do concrete swimming pools Perth cost?
  4. A list of concrete swimming pool suppliers in Perth.

1. Why go with concrete swimming pools Perth?

  • Concrete swimming pools Perth are best suited to locations that are hard to get to with a conventional pre-fabricated pool. These include blocks with houses already built and limited access or customers who want something individual that suits the house and users perfectly. 
  • Concrete swimming pools Perth have an infinite array of shapes and sizes only limited by your imagination and budget. 
  • It is true concrete swimming pools Perth suppliers are some of Australia's most talented concrete pool builders.

2. The concrete swimming pools process from start to finish?

Site visit and design consultation

This is the most imporant part of the process as it's where you tell your chosen designer/builder what you want to achieve. He or she will talk you through the key points to consider and accurately measure your backyard to confirm what can be supplied. A good designer will share a lot of ideas with you at this stage to make sure their final presentation meets your expectations. After the shape and size is confirmed remember to discuss colour, finish, tiling, accessories, water features, capping, heating, covers etc... Don't worry buying concrete swimming pools Perth from a good SPASA approved designer will run through this with you at length.

From here the process becomes fairly standard:

- Engineering drawings of your concrete swimming pool are completed and signed off. These drawings must be to Australian standards and comply with the local council.

- Building permits are applied for/obtianed (this can take up to 8 weeks but 4 weeks is about average)

- Pre-start meeting confirming the details of your pool, start date, arrival of form work, access for heavy lifting equipment and other preliminary details.

- Concrete construction begins - digging, removal of soil, concrete pour, backfilling, pump/filter location confirmation, lights/accessories discussed, finishing touches.

- Filling and handover is usually done separately when water treatment issues can be discussed and final sign off can be completed.

Average concrete swimming pools Perth take about 8 weeks from start to finish.

 3. How much do concrete swimming pools Perth cost?

A small concrete swimming pool can be installed for around $30,000. Of course the sky is the limit and it's not uncommon for concrete pools to get into the region of $50,000-100,000.

Be sure to confirm with your concrete swimming pools builder all applicable costs and a good concrete swimming pool builder will itemise all costs.

Suppliers of concrete swimming pools Perth:

Freedom Pools and Spas - 

  • Head Office Kenwick - 1763 Albany Highway Kenwick Western Australia 6107 (08) 9492 0600
  • Joondalup Branch 63 Winton Road Joondalup Western Australia 6027 (08) 9300 3233 
  • O’Connor Branch Cnr Stock Rd & South St O’Connor Western Australia 6163 (08) 9331 5027

We hope you enjoy concrete swimming pools Perth in your suburb Western Australia (WA)

Concrete swimming pools Perth are fantastic!  Click to find out more about spas Perth.


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